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Joel Stewart

Radio Presenter, Ex-International Athlete, Nutritional Health Consultant, Writer, Educational Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach


Ways to to achieve Optimum Health

Health-Pointe...wellness & weight management program

  • Food Intake: Reduced Carbohydrates, Increased Protein, and Nutritional Supplements

  • Moderate Exercise: Increased Movement and Walking

  • Coaching: Support and Accountability

  • People are looking for an effective way not only to lose weight but also to keep it off. Low fat and the myriad of faddy diets around are not really working. So, what’s the solution?






See More Below... agile, healthier, more active body

  • In Home Static and Dynamic Stretching – gentle to moderate exercises.

  • Not everyone can afford the time or money to go to gyms, whereas for some, it’s a total turnoff. However, by utilising the objects, furniture, and space in our own homes, we can still exercise!

  • Online small groups and 1 to 1 sessions, approximately 20 – 30 mins (for 21 days or as required) + Offline live, in and outdoor sessions – subject to weather and government guidelines.

  • Learn how to achieve balance with your daily habits and moderate exercise. Really simple and in less than a month – feel not just ok, or good, but feel great!

Flowing Stillness...for a healthy mind & body balance

  • Mindful Movement Meditations - incorporating music and guided visualisation journeys. Focusing on 2 aspects of Gabrielle Roth’s ‘5 Rhythm Wave’ practice: Flow and Stillness.

  • If you’re too busy, stressed, and need some balance in your life -

    Slow Down and Treat Yourself:                       Relax, move, and be moved, re-tune and re-energise, have fun and just chill!

  • Online small groups and 1 to 1 short (20-30 mins) sessions + Offline sessions when and where possible – facilitated by a master practitioner with a wealth of experience.



So How Does Health-Pointe Work?

A basic or working definition of health could be “…the mental and physical energy, vitality, and

resilience to live joyfully in your own body and face the challenges of your life”. Optimal Health, then,

would mean living like that all the time. This definition isn’t perfect and doesn’t specify “to live joyfully in

your body at a BMI of 20 or below.” There is no one “perfect” height, weight, body composition, or diet and

exercise routine that everyone should aspire to.


Health as a priority.


Health & Wellness is a global trend and certainly at the forefront of our minds in the west.

  • Obesity and overweight have become a major issue.

  • Studies have shown that a poor diet can be more damaging to your health than smoking, banned substance abuse, and alcoholism.

  • People are looking for an effective way not only to lose weight but also to keep it off. Low fat and the myriad of faddy diets around are not really working. So, what’s the solution?

Health as the focal point.


This is where the HEALTHPOINTE program comes in – it’s wellness and weight management made simple – you can live better and feel better.

  • Wellness and weight management tools perfectly structured to integrate a healthy lifestyle into your curent schedule.

  • In a nutshell, this revolutionary educational program is about creating a lifestyle based on healthy eating.

  • And it is about achieving balance with your daily habits and moderate exercise, for less than £7 per day over a 6-week program!

Health without the gimmicks.

Real food, never feel hungry, easy to follow and real results! [60 Days Money Back Guarantee - if you follow the program and do not get results!]

  • Your next step if you value your health & your families – watch this short video below outlining this 6-weeks program…CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

  • Plus my  other free download: ‘The 5 Factors That Affects Our Health and ‘The 5 Dimensions of Optimal Health’ +

To achieve the health we will need in 2021 and beyond...




  • Nutrition and Supplementation

    Eat a more balanced and diverse diet – more protein, less carbohydrates, more fruits, and vegetables; + additional high-quality supplements and ensure you are hydrated.

  • Daily Monitoring and Recording

    Weight and Waist measurement, keeping a diary of meals and steps/exercise

How the 4 elements of the Optimal Health System's Health-Pointe programme works for you...

  • Moderate Exercise


    Stretching and Walking (+ other exercises of your choice) start slowly and build up to a daily practice.



  • Support and Guidance

    Our team is on hand to guide and support you along the way, with a community of like-minded people on a mission to become the healthiest selves.

6 Weeks to level up the rest of your life

Book a free consultation to  go through a short Healthy Lifestyle Assessment questionnaire to identify:

  • Nutritional Intake (identifying any gaps + allergies or other food issues)

  • Activity level (type, duration, and frequency)

  • BMI - height & weight (+ other health indicators blood pressure, diabetes, etc)

  • Plus suggestions to address any emergent concerns and other issues for future considerations. And where to get support, and access to quality plant-based nutritional supplements, if required








Optimal Health is individual and more than skin deep - health is a spectrum, and you’re not healthy just because you aren’t sick, or you look physically attractive. By the same token, you aren’t sick just because you fall short of the absolutely optimal pinnacle of health. Optimal health is mental and physical. It’s a continuous process – and more importantly, it’s a healthy, joyful, and respectful relationship between your mind and your body, as well as living comfortably inside your own skin.















Real Food.

Real Easy.

Real Results.

  • In my ebook, I outline 5 steps to help you break through the "I CAN'T" to I CAN be my healthiest self in 2021, and beyond - easily, without pain and stress!

  • Learn  how to deal with what's holding you back so that you can see real change with REAL FOOD, REALLY SIMPLY and get REAL RESULTS:

  • No gimmicks: real food, never feel hungry, really easy to follow and real results!

  • Get my free Ebook here -'The 5 Factors That Affects Our Health and ‘The 5 Dimensions of Optimal Health’

Packages & Pricing

Find the package that’s right for you.

Coaching Package



1-2-1 or small groups up to 5 people

5 x 30 mins sessions

Includes a Healthy Lifestyle Assessment

Guidance on food and nutritional intake

Basic in-home exercise routines

Customer Support





HealthPointe Program Package


6-Week Programme Complete

User Guide and Daily Journal

Healthpointe App + activation code 

2 Audio and Video links by experts Ben Physick and Nancy Morton


 Supplements: Foundational Trio of - Multivitamins/minerals/phytonutrients, Omega 3, and All Plant Protein Powder; Fibre Powder and Protein Bars



THE TOTAL Package (20% discount)


The Full Coaching Package (12 x 30  mins)

The Full HealthPointe Package

Access to OHS members' resource area

Access to OHS private facebook group

Customer Support

[60 Days Money Back Guarantee - if you follow the program and do not get results!]




Frequently Asked Questions

What some of our clients have asked...

Can I do additional workouts while doing HealthPointe?

Why am I constantly hungry?

Can I eat other snacks like nuts, grapes, or an apple with peanut butter for example?

Why do I have to take vitamins and supplements?

How much water should I be drinking?

Since an individual’s water consumption depends on many variables, there’s no ‘one fits all’ in respect to water consumption. However, in general an adult should be drinking on average, 2 litres per day. We strongly recommend staying hydrated, and even taking a water bottle with you, while working on your 5000 steps before breakfast.

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